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So what is Digital Experience, anyway?

Fair question. In my experience, DX is one of those terms that is a bit nebulous and means slightly different things to different people, so a definition of what it means here on DXB is probably a good call.

In the context of this blog, DX refers to the sections of a customer experience journey that are solved via digital means (as opposed to face-to-face interactions, for example). The aim for this site is to talk about integrated digital solutions and how they map to productive, intuitive experiences for their audiences (whether that's a board of senior execs or the end-user of a product).

Hopefully this little venn diagram helps - essentially DX is a sub-component of CX... but for many businesses now, it is by far the biggest and most important component of their overall CX.

So on this site, my key goal is to put some practical context around the digital solutions being implemented within CX in order to illustrate their business benefits and (hopefully) make the technical concepts more tangible.

The format of this blog.

For the moment I expect that the blog will generally follow a format which has three main types of post:

  • General posts on almost any event or topic (but hopefully mostly on the topic of digital tech's continual impact on business)
  • DX Tech overviews of various digital solutions and how they might be incorporated into businesses. Usually, this will take the format of a review of a particular tech training course or tutorial, with some illustrative examples of how that tech could be leveraged by example businesses.
  • DX/CX Reviews of companies/businesses. We'll see how this goes. I'm hoping to keep these as positive as possible - I don't want the site to end up as a repository for my digital eye-rolls, but if i see a real howler out there I may be forced to cover it.

I'll also do my best to get other people to contribute to the blog. I've been lucky enough to work with loads of smart people in my time as a BA, most of whom are very qualified to discuss technology and its impact on diverse audiences. I'm also keen to hear from any readers of the blog who'd like to write a post - use the form at the bottom of the homepage to get in touch.


Who's behind the keyboard?

Hi. I'm Aly McKenzie. Most of the content on the site will either be by me or put there by me, so I guess a bit of background is warranted.

I'm a London-based Consultant / Business Analyst with an interest in all things techy and creative. My tech delivery journey has been an interesting one, spanning lots of industries and domains, and I've been lucky to have worked with some great dev, project and product teams. The kind where commitment to quality and the drive to innovate and push the boundaries of new technology have been continually nurtured and encouraged.

I suppose the important thing to get across is this: I love my role. Working with businesses to define their goals and with people to understand their requirements, then implementing digital tech solutions to bring the two together is (to me anyway) a great job. Especially right now, when the momentum of innovation in the technology sector is driving us into an increasingly connected world where expectations for digital delivery have never been higher.



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