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DX Intro

An intro to Digital Experience and some DXB Themes

(Note - this page provides the definition of DX as used on this blog. Other definitions are most certainly available...)

Lesson 1: Relax. You're already an expert.

OK, so maybe that's overstating it a bit. DX is in fact a fairly wide topic with plenty of material out there to learn and absorb, which you may or may not have done 🙂 . However, it's great that we can all agree on one aspect: most of us are already quite well versed at considering a user's perspective. We're all users of tech after all and we all experience it on an ever increasing frequency. DX is about making those experiences great, by leveraging and integrating complimentary combinations of technologies which each have great UX and which all contribute to a Customer Experience that is efficient and productive for the target audiences.

After all, one of the biggest factors that businesses need to consider now is the increasing digital literacy of audiences (not only their customers but partners, employees, the general public etc.). People are becoming more and more accustomed to amazing DX served up by the big players, delivered directly and reliably to the multiple devices today's average human being owns. To keep pace, companies are having to invest more and more into DX.  Thankfully, there seems to be no shortage of new solutions and technologies rolling off the digital production line, ripe for inclusion into DX strategies.

And at it's core, that is what DX represents here on DXB - the output of a strategic digital initiative within the domain of Customer Experience.


Lesson 2: Don't Rush. Good DX takes time.

This is one of the most critical things to understand about good DX, and one of the hardest parts to implement in a commercial setting. Believe me, that's an unfortunate combination. The hard fact is that all projects have budgets and timelines, but the reality of DX implementation (a process generally known as Digital Transformation) is that too often there is an expectation of a fixed cost and timeline being driven by  short term financial constructs.

A more eloquent person than me once said "Digital Transformation is not an event - it's a process". I'm a big believer in that, not least because implementing good DX depends upon transforming people as much as well as technology.

I guess my hope is that the tide is changing, and that that there's an increasing understanding that proper DX is a worthwhile investment. Experience is now the deciding factor for many people when choosing products or services, or even where to work. Expectations have never been higher,

So this is one of the key concepts I'd like to try to get across with this blog - that good DX is best achieved through long term investment in an ongoing process.

Lesson 3: Shun takeaways. Enjoy sushi. Yum.

OK, so it may seem like I'm stretching for metaphors now, but bear with me here.

A takeaway is usually a few different dishes ordered from a menu, paid for, cooked, then delivered. The restaurant is distant - you only really talk to them to place your order, and when they deliver. If it turns out you ordered something you don't like, you're probably just going to live with it - changing it would be a big hassle. Ordered too much? Tough - you've paid for it, and there's no sending it back.

A sushi bar is different - you can try as many things as you like - the portions are small, and quickly made. You're probably right next to the chef who is creating the dishes.  You can see them doing the work. You can make requests to switch ingredients. You won't over or under order - you'll eat the right amount for the time or money that you have available.

OK, by now you've probably caught me - this metaphor is clearly about Agile delivery, not Digital Experience. But I've included it here for a good reason, which is to illustrate that the blog here isn't just about DX - it's also about working in technology, and the endless associated domains that are connected by it.

I suppose I'm just setting the expectations a bit - as well as lots of DX focused posts, I'm certain there will be plenty of posts which are aimed at broader topics.

Obviously, I'll try to stop short of posting my holiday photos, but no promises 🙂