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Welcome to the DXB

Welcome to the DXB



Welcome to the blog. Hopefully, if you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in the worlds of Digital Technology and Customer Experience and how they combine. This site is all about examining and celebrating the relationship between technology and CX. It’s a place for me (and anyone else who is interested) to blog about theories, examples, events and everything and anything else related to DX (I’ll even blog about other people’s blogs :)). There are a whole bunch of related subjects which I hope will naturally become topics for discussion as the site evolves – say UX, Graphic Design & Service Design on the one hand as well as more techy subjects such as Data Science, Machine Learning and Blockchain on the other – some of these terms are only just becoming more mainstream, so one of the main objectives of this blog will be to get some focus on these subjects as they emerge, within the context of Digital Experience.

I’m a big believer in self-study and enjoy getting my hands dirty to understand new tech concepts, so I intend for one of the main themes of the blog to be a series of posts which involve me following a tutorial or demonstration, then interspersing my observations with (relatively) layman-friendly insights, diagrams and examples which aim to (hopefully) make the potential use cases for these technologies and techniques more transparent. In my day job, I’m a Business Analyst/UX Consultant for a technical consultancy, so my motive here is self-serving to an extent – as I learn about each of these technologies I’ll be gaining practical experience of working with them as well as testing my own ability to translate the technical aspects of a solution into language/formats that could be understood at Subject Mater Expert level within a technically-literate business.

Please comment on stuff – not only is it the only way I’ll learn, but it’s also an opportunity to get more people talking. I’ve always thought that the more we talk, the more opportunities to change the status quo we are provided with.  And change is good* 🙂

By the way – if you think of some subject amatter which would fit well on the site, and you’d like to try your hand at putting together a guest post, get in touch!


*unless you’re a Change Management Professional working on a waterfall project which is beholden to warring cliques of demotivated, disengaged stakeholders and techies, peppered with poorly integrated legacy systems and layered with countless undocumented dependencies. Then change is probably a total pain.



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